What's your favorite core ingredient? Do you have favorite core ingredient of your own?

It's true! Your webinars don't have to suck. In this article, hear more from rockstar, MJ DePalma of Bing Ads as she shares her webinar journey and her core ingredients to a successful webinar program. Then be sure to share your favorite core ingredient and your own core ingredients!

Fun, just have fun don't take it so serious and sounds so bored while presenting.

Probabably #2 was my favorite. I just try to remember I'm talking to PEOPLE, and encourage any presenter who might be nervous to think of it as just talking to me. Also, I try to be careful to avoid jargon.

Have a sense of humor and pretend like it's a talk radio show. Have fun and don't take too seriously. It's all good

I think having a content plan that makes sense with the flow of your go-to-market strategy is huge. I understand what it's like to have less support. I'd say my core ingredient is making sure people know that the content is important.

Number 1 definitely. It's so important to think about the end user, what they want to know, what will draw an audience. Webinars don't necessarily need a large audience, it's the quality of that audience. Are the people attending going to turn into leads? The content needs to be fresh, and the topic interesting. If you don't know what your audience wants, that's the first place to start researching.

Content marketing is so important. Also, getting over the fear if you're just starting to do live events. Reaching out individually to attendees with special requests is also something that really makes a difference. For instance, a proof of attending certificate specific to their needs.

I think the ingredient #2 and #6 are the key ones. Look natural and engage live.....engagement is the best way to get to know the audience and you collect a lot of date very useful for the next webinar.

Definitelly number 1 and 2.

#1 is so important - if you are aligning with your customers' needs, the more successful your webinars will be.

#1 and #6. Know your audience and provide them with something that they need. Those are the key ingredients to a successful webinar.

1 & 2 for sure.

Number 1. Definitely.

A reasuring opinion that pratice makes perfect with Webinars. Generated some ideas to create engaging webinars.

#1, you have to get the invitational material spot on to even get people to register to then even get them to attend. So one has to have AIDA that is solid in their message:

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Othetwise kiss the results goodbye

Thinking through your customer experience and the value that the webinar is intended to give is so important, thats why I think #1.

Favorite Core Ingredient:

3. Webcast content recipe that works. Webcasts can fulfill many different needs here are a few:

a. Demos – Hands on how-to’s

b. Unique and never been heard of strategy + how to implement

Our webinars are typically an hour long with the tried and true PowerPoint - being dynamic and adding videos plus unique content is a great core ingredient to strive for.

Survey capability! Getting direct feedback that what you're doing is good or the audience hated that thing you tried - that's powerful.

For me a core ingredient is making sure that you're reusing evergreen content. If it can be reused in it's current form (or another form) go for it!

#2 for sure! I was thrown into my role as a host for our global monthly webinar program 5 years ago. I try my best to keep the energy up and be informative.

  • 1. Have a content marketing plan that aligns to your customers’ needs. And if you do not intimately know and understand those needs, then you must get to work on that foundational knowledge base first.
  • 2. Be unafraid. Take that microphone by the ears and get talking. If you’re not the host type then get a training that makes you one. You need to own it. I was nervous the first couple times, but you get over it and it gets better.
  • 6. Take advantage of any add-on robust engagement features like downloadable documents so your audience can have immediate take-away's.

These are the three core ingredients we at Collette utilize in every webinar. We really started to focus on the downloadable documents and the resource library this year and have noticed, through tracking, that our consumers are using the resources.